Trade recap for November 11th

Daily profit: $117.79

09:30:13    SPPH    B    0.3101    5000    NITE
09:30:15    SPPH    B    0.3101    2000    NITE
09:31:40    SPPH    S    0.3499    100    NITE
09:31:44    SPPH    S    0.35    1500    NITE
09:31:46    SPPH    S    0.35    1200    NITE
09:31:48    SPPH    S    0.35    700    NITE
09:32:40    SPPH    S    0.32    1800    SBSH
09:32:41    SPPH    S    0.3    1700    SBSH

Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

2 thoughts on “Trade recap for November 11th”

  1. Mr Goode, I would like to bounce some ideas off of you for GM. Not a penny stock, I know, but I am wondering your opinions on it. Mainly how the government has a large stake in it and would like to sell at a profit into the public buying, but also would not want the perception of GM’s worth to fall. This is a clear conflict of interest and I was hoping for insight into the IPO days.

    I am considering how feasible an options strangle would be if derivatives are available, but I would like to have more insight into a more bullish or bearish attitude.

    I see a lot of investor interest, but again the government being a large holder is selling. Opinions?

  2. ELW – The problem with options is that new IPOs usually take some time before options become available. Furthermore, I cannot give an opinion on GM because I haven’t read their prospectus. I won’t read it because it is not worth my time to do so.

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