Trade recap for November 3rd

Only one tiny trade.



Daily profit: ($85.00)

BOT    500    SBAY    false    Stock    11.00    USD    ISLAND    09:40:58        2.50        null
+    SLD    500    SBAY    false    Stock    10.840    USD    ISLAND    09:44:28        2.50        null

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3 thoughts on “Trade recap for November 3rd”

  1. “regsho” = SEC Regulation SHO (in case any of your watchers were confused)

    CPMCF… It would be a dream come true to meet some of the original five-letter-ticker traders. I’ve always wanted to meet the groups of traders who were the first to decide “yeah, let’s make some waves with those!” Funny that they just capitalized on the ignorance of most traders of what five-letter tickers are, and created their own bubbles around mundane news events. I remember REEDR was one of the first five-letter 1000%+ moves that I noticed. I was in a chatroom with dozens of professional, six-figure traders who all saw it fly across their scanners, and I remember that they took an hour to figure out how a news event would affect this, uh, what’s it called, “right” security, at which point it was already up 500% and they just laughed. Ever since then I’ve tipped my hat to the traders who were the first to focus on five-letter tickers and make their money from that “new” market. Nowadays five-letter tickers are becoming more common and a lot of that ignorance is starting to fade, although a few people still have no idea what a “Q” or “R” or “E” at the end of a stock mean. I’m just naturally fascinated by people who see inefficiency and capitalize on it, I suppose.

    Looking forward to your presentation in Vegas, best wishes for the final “polishing” stage!

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