Trade recap for October 15th

PIP was a TimAlert that I followed even though it was obviously a bad trade. The problem with having learned so much from Tim Sykes is that I still have the urge to follow his trades without even thinking. CWNR was frustrating that I couldn’t fill my short at the open. LCHL was frustrating that I couldn’t get a fill in the pre-market.

All trades today:

09:56:50    CRPZ    B    0.165    5000    NITE
09:57:05    CRPZ    B    0.165    5000    NITE
09:57:05    CRPZ    B    0.165    5000    NITE
09:57:08    CRPZ    B    0.165    5000    NITE
10:26:57    CRPZ    S    0.1699    5000    NITE
10:29:04    CRPZ    S    0.1699    2900    NITE
10:29:57    CRPZ    S    0.17    2100    NITE
10:42:05    CRPZ    S    0.1777    600    NITE
10:43:34    CRPZ    S    0.1765    8000    NITE
11:51:46    CRPZ    S    0.167    1400    LAFC
15:39:39    LCHL    B    0.2031    10000    NITE
15:48:52    LCHL    B    0.202    10000    UBSS

+    SLD    5,000    PIP    false    Stock    2.600    USD    DRCTEDGE    10:31:26        25.00        null
+    BOT    5,000    PIP    false    Stock    2.719    USD    DRCTEDGE    10:36:04        25.00        null

Daily profit: ($530.87)

Weekly profit: $3,317.17

Disclosure: Long 20,000 shares of LCHL that I intend to sell at the market open on Monday. No positions in any other stocks mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.


0 thoughts on “Trade recap for October 15th”

  1. Very nice profits for the week.

    It would seem that your strategies are working very well of late. I on the other hand just can’t seem to find the time to trade lately, I do still follow somewhat but I don’t have the time to commit to watching a trade.

    1. Well I am certainly doing okay. And of course your problem is not easily fixed. Without enough time it is hard to keep track of what is moving. PIP should be interesting on Monday.

  2. I was only on Silver for one month before I realized Tim’s strategies are more disciplined than practice, it was easy to ignore the bad ones. Honestly being in that chatroom is where all the peer pressure is, you’re the moderator so I can see how that could be difficult.

    I wanted to talk to you about WKLI, it is being promoted right now but I have a huge accounting misbalance that I’m not sure what conclusion to draw yet. (Investor’s live will probably go long, tim will probably go short, I don’t know what to do yet)

  3. ELW – Yes, for those who have troubles avoiding overtrading, chatrooms can be bad. Tim Bohen wrote a post on that on his blog and now he rarely comes into either chatroom of which he is a member. See that post:

    As to WKLI please let me know what you are referring to. Of course, as with most pumps, the company is so worthless that accounting details are irrelevant. With a market cap of $33.6m, they are significantly overvalued, no matter what.
    Latest 10Q:

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