Trade recap for September 24th

KBLB large 2-day chart.


SLD    20,000    KBLB    false    Stock    0.1840    USD    SMART    09:39:23        18.40        null
BOT    20,000    KBLB    false    Stock    0.1800    USD    SMART    09:41:24        18.00        null

Daily profit: $43.60 — plenty of unrealized losses on KBLB (I’m short from .147ish) but we’ll just ignore that for now 🙂

Weekly profit: ($65.52)

Disclosure: Short 20,000 KBLB. No positions in any other stocks mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.


0 thoughts on “Trade recap for September 24th”

  1. (yawn)…I think your 15 minutes of trading and internet fame are up! Ever notice how when you partnered with Sykes your trading really started crashing and burning? He’s a cancer.

  2. There are two opposite errors most people make when evaluating claims (anywhere, but especially on the internet). They either refuse to believe anything, no matter the evidence, or they believe whatever they hear even if there is no evidence for it. Essentially, it comes down to people making decisions that have no basis in reality.

    And I’m not saying that to defend Sykes … Nate Michaud has taught me a lot over the last year that has helped me become a better trader. But in the end, most of what I have learned as a day-trader has come from Tim.

  3. Wow, who is this Screech guy? Screech, I think you need to recheck Reaper’s performance. Look at his statistics. 2010 has been Reaper’s best year so far.

    Michael, good comment on the types of errors people make, by the way.

  4. Well, this was my most consistent year. 2008 was still my most profitable year by far, but I was helped by two trading strategies that no longer work and I was more aggressive in my trading. I trade way more conservatively than I should now simply because I can make good money doing it and I detest stress more than I love money.

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