June HotOTC pump recap

All these were pumped by HotOTC or one or more of their other websites. All these were announced after the market close on the date listed.

Want more? Much more detailed research on different stock promoters and how their pump trades is coming, but it is too much work for me to give away for free. Details coming soon … I expect to have this new premium service running within a couple months.

6/2 – MCTH – I traded this profitably.

Ticker Long/Short Shares Open Date Price Position Close Date Price Profit ($) Profit (%) Pumper (if known)
MCTH Short 26832 6/3/2010 $0.398 $10,669 6/3/2010 $0.388 $258.36 2.42% HotOTC

Comment: was hotOTC pump, previously no volume; missed first 15 minutes of day when it opened at .45 and had good volume at .42 due to a dentist appointment; covered gradually with best bid (last 1200 shares I actually covered the next morning)

6/6 – EYSM

6/6 – SLTZ

6/7 – AMEL

6/9 (before market open) – CAEH (was also pumped by Beacon Equity and Wild Bill that day)

6/12 – IGNT

6/13 – DTRO

6/15 – GNZR

6/15 – RXAC

6/20 – ABHI

6/23 – INAR

6/24 (mid-day alert) – SNSR

6/27 – BSOM

6/30 – NUEC


Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

0 thoughts on “June HotOTC pump recap”

  1. This is brilliant. If you do this premium service you’re going to beat me on finishing one of my goals first. Way to go. I’ve filled my checklist with too many things- hats off if you get this off the ground!

  2. Hey Reaper,
    What is your Sharpe ratio till today.
    Also what is your average profit to total notional investment. I mean if you use margin of say 1000 USD to short 10000 USD worth stock to make 500 profit .. that would be 500/10000 and not 500/1000 .. just trying to understand what kind of capital commitment one needs to make profit .. I am planning to start with just 500 USD and wondering if it is too small.

    Happy trading .. you are a great trader and a great person.. God Bless


    1. I do not track Sharpe Ratio. I find it to be inferior to the Sortino Ratio, and for my trading purposes I am happy to measure just % win rate, and weighted average return per trade. Most of the stocks I trade are not marginable and 90% of my trades are short. $500 is way too little. $2k is, I think, the minimum to short. $5k is a reasonable minimum to try learning to trade with. $100k at least is required to trade for a living.

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