Trade recap for August 4th: Profitable pump edition

SLD    500    LMCO    false    Stock    1.4700    USD    ARCAEDGE    12:33:15        2.50        null
+    SLD    20,000    ADSY    false    Stock    .035    USD    SMART    14:16:16        3.48        null
+    SLD    2,000    ADSY    false    Stock    .035    USD    SMART    14:33:42        1.00        null
+    SLD    1,094    SMTX    false    Stock    3.400    USD    DRCTEDGE    15:38:25        5.47        null
+    BOT    1,094    SMTX    false    Stock    3.380    USD    SMART    15:39:06        5.47        null
09:34:53    SIRG    B    0.51    10000    NITE
09:33:47    SIRG    B    0.55    10000    NITE
09:43:42    SIRG    S    0.59    5000    PFSI
09:42:53    SIRG    S    0.61    5000    NITE
09:42:04    SIRG    S    0.61    3377    NITE
09:42:04    SIRG    S    0.61    1623    NITE
09:41:17    SIRG    S    0.59    5000    NITE

Daily profit: $1,367.50

Disclosure: Short 500 LMCO and 22,000 ADSY. No positions in any other stocks mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for August 4th: Profitable pump edition”

  1. Since IB doesn’t let you reserve shares… do you put an order in above the current price just to reserve shares? Does that work on IB?

  2. How do you trade OTCBB’s premarket in IB? I wanted to grab some shares of TAMO premarket today when they were available. I know you can only use ARCAEDGE. However, the options for premarket trading were grayed out in Trader Workstation; I only had the option for DAY or GTC orders.

  3. James – There is a setting or two you need to change to enable premarket trading and you need to change your order time in force (there is a checkbox if you click on the time in force; select “fill outside of rth”).

  4. Top two items on my bucket list:

    -Learn how to trade a 3 cent stock.

    -Figure out how to do more then enter a simple limit order with TWS.

    Maybe someday before I die!

  5. eh the r/r on 3 cents stocks isn’t good … ADSY mangled me today. And simple limit orders are really all that gutter-folk like us need.

  6. Hmmm…having trouble figuring it out.

    For example, with MIPS, there is no problem. I can right click on the order, hit “Modify order ticket”, and then either click the checkbox for “Allow this order to be filled outside of regular trading hours” or the checkbox for “Allow order to be filled during pre-open session.” But with TAMO, those options are greyed out, even if put in ARCAEDGE as my destination. I still have this problem even if I go to the Configuration menu and click the “Allow order to be activated, triggered, or filled outside of regular trading hours” in the order presets.

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