Trade recap for July 20th

SLD    2,500    SILA    false    Stock    0.7899    USD    SMART    09:32:20        9.87        null
+    SLD    2,500    CRPZ    false    Stock    .365    USD    SMART    09:34:37        4.56        null
BOT    2,500    CRPZ    false    Stock    0.3150    USD    SMART    09:51:27        3.94        null
+    SLD    2,600    BJGP    false    Stock    6.120    USD    SMART    12:49:45        13.00        null
+    BOT    2,600    BJGP    false    Stock    6.030    USD    ISLAND    12:50:56        13.00        null
+    SLD    10,000    STTN    false    Stock    .565    USD    SMART    13:08:11        28.24        null
+    SLD    4,416    STTN    false    Stock    .570    USD    SMART    13:13:19        12.58        null
SLD    4,584    STTN    false    Stock    0.5699    USD    SMART    13:16:39        13.06        null

13:14:16    STTN    B    0.5699    10000    NITE
13:09:36    STTN    B    0.5671    10000    NITE

Daily profit: $324.50

Disclosure: Short 5,500 shares of SILA, short 19,000 shares of STTN (at IB) and long 20,000 shares of STTN (at SpeedTrader). No positions in any other stocks mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for July 20th”

  1. Hi,
    When you bought BJGP today, how did you manage to reserve shares between Tim’s call and your trade?

    sorry, short…

    [this comment moved from elsewhere by the admin]

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