Watchlist for March 19th

Nothing too exciting on watch that is new.


HMNA – Potential short on break of $2.

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0 thoughts on “Watchlist for March 19th”

  1. bummer about your losses man. I feel your pain. When I get a bad one I often have to shut down for about week.

    Doesn’t even have to eb a lot of money, just something i feel really abd about.

    I hate hate mistakes.

    hunh Biotime, I forgot about those losers. been awhile since I looked at them

    I may not know their tech, but I’ve disliked them for quite a while for other reasons. Perhaps I ought to look at them again, they are down what 6.3% intraday?

    But I get what you are saying. having the knowledge that you don’t have the knowledge is pretty important in avoiding poor risk taking. But it is also stressful.

    I miss a lot of opportunities because I get paralysis by analysis sometimes as I feel have to know everything before getting in

    most traders I’ve met are the reverse which makes some sense from an emotions management standpoint. They’d rather be wrong than miss opportunities. The ones that survive seem to pick up things as they go along.

    different schools of though I guess.

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