Trade recap for March 2nd

See the beginning of the video for an important question. My profit today was on AENY. I found shares at IB in the pre-market.

Daily profit: $2105.48

Disclosure: Long 300,000 IDCN that I intend to sell at the open tomorrow. No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

19 thoughts on “Trade recap for March 2nd”

  1. reaper dont turn into tim please>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ur stuff is awesome and even better thats its free….tim is a great trader but a super duper hustler thats just getting outa control……i been following him for a while and man hes really pushing it……….silver gold stuff…cmon…if i sell u a box of chocolates …and then try to sell u the same chocolates but charge u more because ill select my favorite ……is it not the same box of chocolates……seems kinda over doing it….

    1. lol I get a good amount of money from referrals and now from moderating TimChat. So much of my content will be free to ensure that I remain popular.

  2. Not sure if I would be interested in a subscription model, unless you were really pumping out the content on a regular basis. But I would for sure take advantage of the pay per view model if the price was reasonable.

  3. I would be interested in the Level 2 (and other interesting) commentary on a pay per view model. As a part-time trader with a day job, I’m in absorb-as-much-as-I-can mode.

  4. No doubt reaper ……just please we could only handle
    one tim… Lol hes like a crazy little kid that keeps
    running into a wall over and over and over … Thing is ur heads gonna explode before his does … Hes a great entertainer , trader, and super duper hustler…

  5. I have a question regrading premarket execution of orders for OTC BBs on IB. I show ARCA and SMART as the only routes available. If no ARCA seller is available, which MMs can fill an order in premarket? Just NITE, or any MM who has inventory? In order to fill thru an MM premarket, must you route thru SMART or will ARCA suffice? Thanks…

  6. The chatroom stinks……..A freakin ripoff (in my opinion). Bunch of newbs calling nothing but crap. The only people I payed attention to was Tim or Curtly (i think that was his name.). Other than that worthless!!! Lose your money listening to these morons.

  7. DJ, Orlando and others,

    Not like I go back 20 years with them but I know Tim and Reaper, and just because Reaper wants to get a little cash out of providing solid info in no way puts him in Tim’s league.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I greatly respect Tim and he has built a great business out of bulling a GaryV type hustle act.

    But IMHO that is not Reapers style.

    Reaper has a lot of knowledge and like any service provider, whether lawyer, consultant, or IT professional there is a point when the free valve should be turned off.

    Hell if he goes with the pay per view model and his info sucks, don’t buy anymore, easy solution. If its good stuff then you should be happy to pay.

    I’m assuming the reason people are upset he is going to convert to a pay model on some info is related to the fact that it is solid stuff.

    If it sucked no one would care if he charged…

  8. I’m such a cheap-o I probably wouldn’t buy either. Plus it ruins the fun of self discovery.

    Sorry dude. I promise I will buy your book whenever you write it though. I do promise I’d buy your stuff before I pay anything to Tim as well.

    Anyway I think charge per download is likely best if you don’t have a regular plan for content. Subs sounds easy but you have to put up with a lot of whining etc and then there is the ever dreaded deadlines for content.

    you know you are an excellent teacher, far far better than Timmay (not surprising given your background and old business)
    How about if you charged for personal coaching sessions? It would be more time intensive for you, but I bet it could do pretty well. Maybe you could do something with those SMB guys. Or maybe you could work something out with Tim to be an instructor for him.

    ooooo man do i hate forced buy-ins. I got screwed so hard on HEV last year. Not 100k worth but geez did my position get toasted
    and of course it dropped 8% ten minutes later. arrrrrrrgh 🙁

  9. another idea would be making/selling a DVD of your mailbag videos
    . if you do that probably be wise to have someDVD only content in there,

  10. tbohen u gotta point….just hate seeing the great ones start charging….like he said hopefully most of his stuff will stay free….and great call om wkli reaper……………………..fkn sweet………………….wolfenstein style mover….

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