Watchlist for February 25th

IFLG – Awesome supernova. I have misplayed it horribly and still made $4k or so on it (realized profit). I am short 3,000 shares overnight. Tim Sykes has made somewhere north of $15k on it in the last two days (why not buy his Pennystocking Part Deux DVD that I own and recommend?)



AMOK – The new NXTH? Pumper Jarret Wollstein (who has pumped NXTH, AENY, and JYHW in the last six months) is doing his darnedest to make this horrific reverse-merged company the next big pump. Here is his disclaimer:

β€œThe distribution costs of this report to new subscribers, one hundred thirty thousand dollars, were funded by Benchmark Media Ltd. in an effort to create investor awareness of Amarok Resources, Inc. Benchmark Media Ltd. is neither a broker-dealer nor investment advisor, but is a shareholder in Amarok Resources, Inc., holding 1.5 million shares of Amarok Resources, Inc. stock which can be publicly traded (sold) at any time by Benchmark Media Ltd. group. It is anticipated that this report will generate new subscriptions for Intelligent Investor Report and expect to receive an unknown amount of revenue from new subscriptions from the subscription offer contained herein. Jarret Wollstein, the reviewer [or analyst], has been paid twenty-five thousand dollars in compensation for research, preparing and publishing this report and other publishing venues. β€œ

I bought 2,200 shares of AMOK today and will see how far up the pump I will ride them. I will sell them sooner rather than later, though. Buying pumps is very risky and I do not recommend it.


NVLT – Down 80% on FDA news. Had a tiny bounce in it today, maybe more tomorrow. I am bad at these plays though.


VPHM – This higher-priced earnings runner could continue.


Disclosure: Long 2200 AMOK and short 3000 IFLG. No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

13 thoughts on “Watchlist for February 25th”

  1. Timothy Skype is a little brat! He claims to make money but makes crap and look at all the people who follow him they are losers like him!! Of course he will say LOL I made 50K the past 2 days and yoi didnt. Jerk you didnt make crap because talk is cheap!

    1. I didn’t make ‘crap’ because I took small positions for the most part. And anyway, you have to be pretty crazy to ignore $4k in profits in two days and call it ‘crap’.

  2. haha niice charts… like the disclaimer on AMOK… funny we’re both in two stocks, both being pump and dumps, except your long AMOK and im short AENY. Just some great positions.

  3. A note for “Howard”
    All Sykes’ trades are verified on Covester through his brokers.

    You are correct however that Sykes IS a little brat.

    As to your eloquent comment above ( ‘Jerk [sic] you didnt make crap because talk is cheap!’)

    Reaper is about as transparent as you’ll find on the net, often showing his brokerage account screens. Sure, those could be faked, but who has the fucking time? Jitwad.

  4. –BTW, please watch your language

    Oops, sorry about that. I forgot this is a family blog. (You do own BRK.A after all) I’ll never call someone a ‘jitwad’ ever again.

  5. Shia LeBeouf talks about his experience alongside C and SCHW traders, and how information dissemination is the bottom line in trading. One of those rare moments when someone who understand wall street tries to tell people what’s going on, and it obviously doesn’t click with those who hear:

    “Really, it’s all about who gets the information first.” How true.

  6. Re: Brk/A:

    Oh- didn’t notice you sold it- I assumed your pseudo-arbitrage was still ongoing. How did it work out in the end?

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