Trade recap for February 23rd & watchlist

Not a bad day, helped make up for yesterday.

Daily profit (total yesterday & today): $2121.86

On watch:

CIMT – Big earnings runner today. Potential long on r/g or off consolidation.


IFLG – Potential short after crazy move. ALFSS!

IFLG 2-day chart

RCYT – Pump! I played it long today and have 16,000 shares I am holding overnight and will sell soon after the open.


RCYT 1-day chart


Disclosure: Long 16,000 RCYT that I intend to sell soon after the open tomorrow. I have offsetting long and short positions in IFLG (and thus no net exposure). No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

10 thoughts on “Trade recap for February 23rd & watchlist”

  1. How do you buy these pumps premarket?
    That seems like the best bet instead of buying before close and hoping they dont cancel.

  2. Again i have to give you credit and thanks for your insightful posts, one thing struck me today( after using madscan and stockfetcher , etc to find stocks that move), unless your damn good with software and alerts, you have to pare down your watchlists to effectively watch the markets, just too damn confusing, how many stocks do you watch and how do you pare down your watchlists?

    1. I’ll look at lots of stocks during the day but if there are very interesting ones I’ll make sure to keep glancing at them and have the quote up continuously on one screen (note that what I show in my videos is only one of my four screens).

  3. So you’re long and short the same # of shares on IFLG? So I guess you’re looking for a big move one way or the other and will close the counter-trend position quickly when it happens. Smart move! What would be the risk in doing this? A head fake?

  4. Nice move by AHC on surprise profit of .27 per share. Newspaper company with zero debt and $24M in cash, trading at half book value. Still, not much volume. Thoughts?

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