Watchlist for January 14th

ECOB – The end is near and daily fluffy PRs cannot save this stock. I expect another big down day tomorrow and if that is the case I will likely cover my short position.


PEIX – Still on short watch. It will likely have another down day tomorrow.


ROSG – Big gainer, but no easy play now that they did a stock offering after hours.


Disclosure: Short 27,000 ECOB. No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for January 14th”

  1. no shiz… ur long GAZU? Check out my post for Jan 14th watchlist… that Google Group PennyStockElite alerted it. First Stock alert ever for them. I think they pulled out of the stock and took a 58% gain and said subscribers banked… not sure if they were the only ones promoting the stock.

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