Watchlist for January 13th

Nothing too exciting to add.

NEXM – Big spike on drug news. Too cheap to excite me.


PEIX – I had a nice short of this today but it closed green. Tomorrow may be the big down day or it could pull an NLST/IDN and just gyrate sideways for the next week or two.


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0 thoughts on “Watchlist for January 13th”

    1. Last I checked 50m traded was a measure of liquidity, not price. I am historically not very good at trading lower-priced Naz stocks so I avoid them.

  1. Michael;Do you know anything about SHE.Market kid says Tim will manipulate it.Don’t know what he means.Do you?Thanks in advance if you care to reply.

  2. Michael,

    The Market Kid is a joke. A while back he made up a story about turning $8K into $50K twice, and was called out on it. Later on, he made up a story about an awesome trade he had supposedly made, but close inspection of the time/sales revealed no trades were made at the price he claimed to have made the trade.

    As for SHE, it’s not even on Tim’s watchlist. Market Kid is full of it as usual

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, James. I was planning on responding in a similar fashion but forgot to do so. Yeah his SHE comment was absurd. The sad thing is that he has a good head for trading and if he were more transparent he’d have a huge following.

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