My best stock watchlist ever!

Some nice setups for Monday.

EcoBlu Products, Inc. (Public, OTC:ECOB) – I am short 30,000 shares from Friday. The pump is over and the main pumper, (which was promised $250,000 in cash to pump the stock) wrote in an email today, “To all my long time members I want to congratulate everyone on a sweet win to start the new year. With that said I believe ECOB has hit some resistance and is now done!” It is a no-brainer that the stock will fall more over the next couple days and I will look to cover during that time period. IB looks like it will have more shares to short Monday and if the stock does not gap down too much it would be possible to get short ECOB at a price not much worse than my $0.93 entry price.


American Lithium Minerals Inc (Public, OTC:AMLME) – Closed up just a couple cents Friday … I would probably have shorted it then if I had not been busy watching every tick of ECOB. This is a re-pump and it is up 100% in just four days so there is plenty of room to fall.


Bergamo Acquisition Corp (Public, OTC:BGMO) – Previously pumped carcass of a company looking like it had its first pump day Friday. I bought 10,000 shares near the end of the day at $0.2814 and sold 3,000 right before close at $0.34. I will look to sell into a likely gap up. I wouldn’t recommend buying this Monday … I just want to illustrate that the only two reliable ways to make money on pump & dumps are to buy very early in the pump or to short sell as the pump starts to fade.


ALKANE INC (Public, PINK:ALKN) – Screw paraffins! This is another pump. Some people I know at the Investors Underground chat (sign up using my link to save 15% per quarter!) are holding it over the weekend and they made money holding it the last few days. But from $0.03 to $0.38 in four days? If this shows weakness and there are borrows I will look to short. Hopefully it has another big up day first.


Luna Innovations Incorporated (Public, NASDAQ:LUNA) – Awesome breakout Friday. This is what happens when a $30m company (now $50m market cap) inks a huge deal with a huge company and it is meaningful. Notice the quote from ISRG in the press release. Also notice the huge breakout over LUNA’s September high of $3.29. Tim Sykes bought the stock at $3.36 right after the breakout. His TimAlert subscribers could have bought following the alert at $3.75 or so (I bought at $3.72 but sold quickly); LUNA went up to $4.90 in after-hours trading. I expect a huge gap and maybe some more of a run Monday.


Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:CYCC) – Still two words, “cancer cure.” A small black candle Friday may not be the end of this company with some nice drug results and the possibility for lots of hype (and no, I don’t believe the hype). Might be nice to buy on red/green and $3.00 cross.


Pacific Ethanol Inc (Public, NASDAQ:PEIX) – Up 60% on rather fluffy news? I’m short-biased but probably won’t touch it due to other plays being better.


Motors Liquidation Company (Public, OTC:MTLQQ) – Up some more Friday, having now moved from $0.50 to $0.85 in a week … I’m still short-biased if it shows weakness.


Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. (Public, NYSE:HPY)– Good move Friday after it settled legal claims regarding a data security breach. $60m ain’t cheap but it won’t kill the company. A break above $15.15 would be huge.


SkyPeople Fruit Juice, Inc. (Public, AMEX:SPU) – There is seriously a company called SkyPeople Fruit Juice?!?!?


Disclosure: Short 30,000 ECOB and long 7,000 BGMO. No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

22 thoughts on “My best stock watchlist ever!”

  1. Reaper, you use IB and Sogo, right? I’m with TOS now, looking to open another account, just curious which one is more reliable and cost friendly? (I’d still use TOS for charts, etc.). Thanks

      1. So does that mean that Sogo is better for finding shares? because I just need a broker for more day trades and easier borrows, I’d still trade off TOS charts šŸ™‚

  2. Just wanted to say that this blog is getting to be a “go to” site for daily trading watchlists. Thanks for all the hard work you put in day after day (and you’re not even pushing a product!).

    Also noticed that you are now the #2 blog under the new site and rating system at Investimonials. Good job and look forward to what the Reaper has in the coming months.

  3. IB probably slightly better borrow list, much better for OTC/ pink sheets.

    Povilas :

    So does that mean that Sogo is better for finding shares? because I just need a broker for more day trades and easier borrows, Iā€™d still trade off TOS charts :)

  4. Word is, (according to, the “cancer cure” PR is a recycled one from 9 months ago. Do DD if interested… Best of luck this week!

  5. I am new to the stock trading world. My I ask REAPER which stock selection watchlist software does he use to perform his custom searches?

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