Watchlist for Friday: A time to dump

Why is tomorrow red Friday? Because I think the blood will flow on several big pump & dumps. The pump & dumps tomorrow are so interesting that I won’t list many other stocks. Here they are, in order of goodness:

EcoBlu Products, Inc.  (Public, OTC:ECOB) – The previous BestDamnPennystocks pump, SMCE, had three big up days (although they weren’t as clean as ECOB’s three up days) followed by a day where it  gapged up, had a huge run, and then tanked. That red day was followed by four straight red days, at the end of which the stock was 47% below its intraday peak. I think ECOB could have a similar run. Hopefully there will be shares to short. I believe there might be because this thing has gotten great volume and the stock has been around for awhile. I know I will look to short this with size if I can get shares.


Previous BDPS pump SMCE:

American Lithium Minerals Inc  (Public, OTC:AMLME) – This stock has not been pumped as blatantly as ECOB, but it is being pumped. The move from $0.52 to $1.29 in three days is due to end. I am actually long 2300 shares of this from late this afternoon and will look to sell after early tomorrow morning; I anticipate it gapping up and running a bit. After that I will look for momentum to fade and then look to short.


Jayhawk Energy Inc  (Public, OTC:JYHW) – Tim Sykes is short this from this morning. It is another pump and dump, but choppier and it has had a longer-term pump. I have found that these pumps do not tank as quickly and convincingly as pumps that run straight up.


Non pumps

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc.  (Public, NASDAQ:CYCC) – Two words: “cancer cure.” Every trader who hears that drools and then promptly buys. The move is probably overdone, but I anticipate more gains tomorrow. I saw it hit $3.15 in after-market trading.


Bakers Footwear Group, Inc.  (Public, NASDAQ:BKRS) – Good sales and an out-of-this-world earnings forecast propelled this low-float stock today. I anticipate another good move up tomorrow.


Other notables (no charts):

SOMX – Gap filling time?

MTLQQ – Short-biased for obvious reasons. Shares are easy to borrow at IB.

Disclosure: Long 2300 AMLME. No positions in any other stock mentioned. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for Friday: A time to dump”

  1. wouldnt be surprised if your site gets alot of hits by referrals from mine after tonight… I think i just promoted the shit out of mine after giving credit to a few people on Twitter including Zortrades and JohnWelshpd

  2. wow… i was right i just got about 4 times more hits on my page TONIGHT than ever before blogging. I’m almost hitting 300 viewers, and your blog was the first blog mentioned on the post.

  3. Hi Reaper,I have been trying to open a goldman sachs account but on there website it says 2 million minimum
    can you send me the link on where to open A goldman sachs account ?
    thanks much

    1. GIL – I actually have an account with what is called an introducing broker. The money is still held at GS but the minimums are less (I got mine by saying I’d transfer my full account there, but I started with only $200k and didn’t add more when the borrows at GS turned out to be not nearly as good as the broker had indicated).

  4. gil :

    thanks for the replay REAPER i guess i will stay with my Interactive Brokers account if Goldman Sachs does not offer more shorts

    Type your comment here

  5. Thanks, TB….I jumped in when I made that first post, set my stop at 3.15…..looked for a little bit there like it was going to fail when I posted about it being pathetic

    Wishing I had held at least part….the whole reason I take partial profits is so I’m not as antsy to get out and can let some profits ride….but I guess I still shouldn’t complain about a 14% gain on a trade

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