Watchlist for Ujamaa, the fourth day of Kwanzaa

Ujamaa represents cooperative economics, building enterprises together from which we all can profit. That sounds good to me!

PSID – Yay for terrorists! This has some people talking about it as a terror play, but my cursory investigation of the company says they do RFID stuff. Still, it is on watch for continued upward movement … let’s see how far upward the morons push it.


ATHX – A short? Maybe. The last few days it has wicked up and down big but the actual candles are tiny. Potential short on red.


LMLP – Up 40% in two days and 60% in four days on no news. Short on red.


EONC – You know it, you love it. I’ve said before that low-float stocks can run big on no news. No clear play here.


CGEN – What a tricksy little stock; it likes to gap a bunch. No clear play, but I’m short-biased.


SRZ – Fill dat gap! Long on continued strength.


CIIC – This seems to want to go higher, but I would not mind shorting either. Long on green, short on red.


IFNY – I am short-biased. This is over-extended. Too low of volume, though.


Disclosure: No positions in anything mentioned in this post. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for Ujamaa, the fourth day of Kwanzaa”

  1. Not sure if there are any shares of ATHX to short…I still had 2000 since 5.50 — covered half @ 5.01 – holding the rest for now. Support at 4.50…if it breaks that I see a freefall back to 3.50 support. I may be reading it wrong however.

    Picked up some more F on this mornings dip to 10.10 — getting a little heavy on F right now but still feeling good about them as a swing play into next year.

    Good luck today!


  2. reaper: are you seeing the same thing I am seeing on the AWSL chart on IB? its split adjusted and AWSL opened at its closing price, so it opened with a 35% gain. it was available on borrow too. it looked like free money but I know theres no such thing so I didn’t look into it any further.

  3. Possible short on HAIN – I have a small position short @ 16.96 with a reverse stop order at 17.02….IE if it breaks 17.02 again today I am fliping and going long. Hoping for a half point either way within a day or two. I see a support at 16.50ish so my low end buy order is 16.53


  4. Does anyone use IB? Just wondering from your experience, what charges are there? How much is the monthly fee, is there a cancel/modify order fee? Any other fees? Thanks

  5. Povilas: for what it is worth I am planning on changing to the following at the end of the year:

    If anybody has any experience with them I would appriciate the input…

    I still have 1/8 of my ATHX position — planning on switching to a long position if it hits 3.83. Willing to scale in down to 3.5 then start scaling back out to cut losses.

    My HAIN short switched to a long @ 17.02 — this is a swing play.

    Still playing F and would not mind a little more downward then a switch back to upwards….


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