Watchlist for the third day of Kwanzaa: Ujima

Ujima is the principle of collective work and responsibility. Some of the readers of this blog already understand this principle well, making useful contributions in comments.

I will be a bit hesitant to trade tomorrow as I have not done a lot of trading recently and the previous trading day was only a half day.

PLG – Nice breakout. Could be nice on red/green or $2 cross as a long.


CAMT – Big move on big relative volume (though low absolute volume). Short on red. I will not play it due to the low volume.


ATHX, NVLT, PSDV, CGEN – All drug news runners that are a couple days after the news. They are less predictable now.

Disclosure: No positions in anything mentioned in this post. This blog has a terms of use and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; my full terms of use is incorporated by reference into this post.

19 thoughts on “Watchlist for the third day of Kwanzaa: Ujima”

  1. Good morning;

    Hope everybodys holiday was good and you are all refreshed and ready for the year end trading!

    Looking forward to a decent morning hopefully. Currently short ATHX @ 5.48 and long F @ 10.05. Got a late start and just starting my morning research.
    Todays plan as of now:
    ATHX: Hoping for a pull back in ATHX to the sub 5’s today. However, will dump fast if it switches the other way. Trending down somewhat in premarket with some respectible vol.
    F is a longer term play – sold half my position at 10.16 Thrusday. if it breaks 10.22 today will sell the other half and then try to get back in on dips. Not planning on holding past 10.08 on the way down however.

    Just FYI – currently reading Jim Crammers “Confessions of a street addict” – really a great book – the story of the ’98 crash from a hedge fund managers perspective is fascinating!


  2. reaper do you ever have weird execution/quotes problems on IB?

    I tried to short CAMT/KFS and the bid/ask/prints were really choppy and inconsistent. my SMART-orders also weren’t acknowledged and didn’t execute at market prices. unfortunate.

    1. CAMT and KFS are both very illiquid, so I would’ve used limit orders. I don’t know why your orders were not acked. FYI, for KFS I probably would’ve direct-routed to NYSE because that is where the best bid is (at least right now).

  3. Actaully, I got the irony.

    Chuckled rather well.

    Preston – interesting on XTEX – what is causing the run up? I see no new news….

  4. GPRE another b/o chart on decent volume. Possible watch for tomorrow if it holds up. It looks as though some of this is from the energy sector, I’m to lazy to find out the particulars.
    I do not have the time to trade, just watching a little. I’m preparing my family for our move to Houston end of this week. I am getting to the point now of just buying furniture, I found an apartment with appliances and washer/dryer.

    1. Good luck with the move, Preston. You probably won’t miss that much: volume is usually lighter in the market and it is less volatile between Christmas and New Years.

      1. Thanks Michael. I am lucky to have a wife that understands the moving thing so maybe things will be smooth.
        I guess there are some things you can’t overcome, I am mainly watching today to document some of the HOD short plays that could have been played.

  5. Hope you guys got some on KFS. I missed it even though I was staring right at it when it was in the 1.90’s in the first 5 minutes of trading.

    I did grab CAMT at an average fill of 2.42. I would’ve loved to cover when it got down near 2 but I’m at work now and the open trade is in my Cy Group account which I can’t access from work (I set a stop when I left for work)…so I have to hold it overnight.

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