Watchlist for December 2nd

PEIX  more than doubled in three days on news of restarting a plant. Overdone move, short on weakness.


SNTS  was up in after-hours trading on FDA approval. I’ll buy if it shows further strength.


DYAX also went up big after hours due to FDA approval news.


EGHT had a nice breakout today on huge volume. I’m long if it looks like it can continue.


GSIT is up on NLST-type news. After today’s black candle I’m looking to short on green/red action.


Disclosure: No positions in anything mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for December 2nd”

  1. SCIL, low volume but possible breakout that may be worth watching.
    AAU, small ADR but might be good above .90
    MVG tried to breakout today, could continue tomorrow.
    GPRE has a nice chart and could run tomorrow.
    CBPO ditto.
    MVG, GPRE and CBPO could be nice shorts if they fail tomorrow.

    1. More … my fills on Tim’s DRAM short were 15 minutes after he traded for both sides of the trade. So I shorted at 4.28 and covered at like 4.74.

  2. CCRTwould be a nice HOD short if the volume picks up with a better spike, chart is horrible. Maybe good for a scalp.

  3. CCRT is a long way from my 750k volume that I like but this spike is very weak, I think it will drop like a rock and I have no trades to play it. Another thing to look for is when the spread gets tighter.

  4. There goes CCRT, AMTD has no shares anyhow, but with the low volume it might be a bounce play but I’m no good at those.

  5. LIWA beautiful break/bounce off of HOD.
    It’s a very good mental exercise to write on this blog even though I can’t play positions sometimes.

  6. Now I feel like an idiot, I was AFK when that nice spike happened or I would’ve commented on it. Just goes to show that I have no idea what I’m doing most times and l get lucky I guess.
    I hope someone played that HOD break it was nice.

  7. CRIS broked resistance, 52wk high, doubling the usual volume, on some news, as i read nothing big just some conference but still good technical graph today

  8. Kinda off topic for the blog but I’m seriously considering putting some longer term money in a conservative Gold bear ETF because when the bubble burst there will be some easy money to be made. When the people that have been holding their GOld for years decides to start selling to the average person watching one of thousand commercials that run everyday things will start down and will not stop for a long time.

    1. If gold goes higher, it could go a lot higher. If it goes lower, it may not go much lower. I am loathe to engage in such speculation … it is far too easy to lose.

  9. I guess the old adage is not the same in a item like Gold, buy when others are selling and sell when others are buying because there could be to many outside influences, ie; another recession, war etc.
    Thanks, I will hold on to my money and fund my IB and Sogo accounts.

  10. You’re welcome, Preston. Funny, I didn’t even read the article. I’m familiar with the chart though, and just wanted to make sure you saw it. So, it’s a bonus if the article was good.

    It’s really something to ponder the ratio. If it were to happen again, how high would gold spike and how far would the Dow fall?

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