Trade recap: Another boring day, another $1k

Seriously, this is getting rather tedious …

As a follow-up to one of my comments in the video, Tweexchange does appear to work now.

Trades at IB:
BOT    500    NLST    false    Stock (NMS)    4.2600    USD    DRCTEDGE    08:10:51        2.50
SLD    500    NLST    false    Stock (NMS)    4.2400    USD    ARCA    08:12:33        2.50
BOT    10,000    BLAP    false    Stock    0.0450    USD    SMART    14:35:14        2.25
BOT    20,000    BLAP    false    Stock    0.0450    USD    SMART    15:22:02        4.50
BOT    2,000    AENY    false    Stock (OTCBB)    2.8100    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:36:10        10.00
BOT    2,000    AENY    false    Stock (OTCBB)    2.8100    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:36:40        10.00
SLD    1,000    AENY    false    Stock (OTCBB)    2.9500    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:40:20        5.00
SLD    1,000    AENY    false    Stock (OTCBB)    2.9900    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:40:46        5.00
SLD    1,000    AENY    false    Stock (OTCBB)    3.1000    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:42:28        5.00
+    SLD    1,000    AENY    false    Stock (OTCBB)    3.000    USD    ARCAEDGE    15:44:16        5.00


NLST 5 day chart

NLST 1 day chart

Daily profit: $1250.20

Disclosure: Long 30,000 shares of BLAP. No positions in any other stocks mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap: Another boring day, another $1k”

  1. I can’t believe you scoff at BLAP’s KILLER app, you can tell that THOUSANDS of seconds went into the development of that site!!

    Get in now while you can, this stock is shooting to the moon!!!

  2. Hi Reaper,

    Could you tell plz, when you started to trade for a living, what was the amount about ? I’m would like to stop work and to trade for a living. So I would need like a set point ?

    Cheers mate

    1. I had somewhere around $300k. I would never advise trading for a living. Trying to do it without $100k in a trading account and a great track record would be just dumb.

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