Watchlist for November 3rd

You have only three days to purchase my DVD on reading SEC filings if you wish to receive free access to the follow-up webinar. It is only $397 (you save $100 off its normal price by pre-ordering it).

IMOT – Another one from my former zero volume stocks Stockfetcher scan. Nice breakout at $0.20. I won’t play it but am interested to see if this scan can identify any winners.


QXM – Big runner on no news (earnings were last Thursday). Some resistance up to $4.30.


SHS – Above $9.20 or so there is little resistance up until $18.


IUSA – Nice breakout, some longer-term resistance.


GTXI – Bounce! Please! Please? Short on red, long on green.


YRCW – Bounce? For the love of God, Montressor, bounce! Yes, for the love of God. Short on red, long on green. Let’s see if I can play bounces with multi-day setups (as opposed to my incompetence at playing for intra-day bounces).


+1 duck to anyone who gets the Montressor reference without Googling it.

TNUS – To quote a great poet, “So feel me drill me, put a bullet in my head, but yo / You can’t kill me, cause I’m already dead.” And just as almost all gangsters die by violence, almost all pumps die spectacular deaths.


Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for November 3rd”

  1. hey Reaper, I was watching SHS today: where do you see the $18 resistance?

    The last time it was @ $18 was on Oct, 2008 and before that on March 2008. I believe those were different market conditions, did you go that far back in you analysis?

  2. How much of the 397 do you get big guy?

    I hope it’s significant. Sykes is good but he ain’t the reaper. 🙂

    btw given your profits on the Fundamental “steel Gut Shorting” ala Chanos vs what you’v made so far doing Sykes does I’m suprised you still aren’t in the fundamental game. 🙂

    I suppose you can always do both.

    well hope you sell a lot of DVDs, it’s nice to see you finaly get to profit from your hard work that you’ve shared.

    1. Yeah, it is significant. Keep in mind with my steel gut shorting that i don’t want to have any more MXFDs or MNLUs where I got forced buy-ins on the shares I shorted. Especially after last summer the SEC tightened the borrow requirements and shares have gotten harder to borrow everywhere. So it really is not an option for me anymore.

  3. My friend
    I dont know what earnings they will report.
    I searched TD Ameritrade and it has a sell recomendation.
    Who knows

  4. I shorted SHS yesterday after it failed to hold over $9, covered today @ $8.25.

    I was scared all night… specially after Reaper mentioned $18 as next resistance !!!!

  5. blah, I don’t know….I can’t seem to get anything to align right to make a trade. It’s frustrating, but because I’m new I guess I shouldn’t get upset over it and keep plugging along. I see a lot of good plays in hindsight, that’s fine, but I can’t make out consistent patterns that make sense enough to me so that I can bank on them.

  6. It does make me feel better seeing you guys like that (on Tim’s blog) as well, maybe I’m not that far off in my thinking.

    1. Not sure how to reply to your reply below, but thanks, Reaper. I’m on the west coast, so you can imagine why I’d find this important.

  7. HBIO not so interesting to me anymore; I didn’t realize the volume was so low. Still might be worthwhile if it looks to break its current consolidation from 4.20 to 4.25

  8. … Investorslive has some great picks… i was wondering how beneficial the chatrooms were and if he gives out alerts?

    I’d have to say your emphasis on small positions in the videos helps… i bet much smaller now instead of like 33% im doing no more than 20%. And losses are getting cut faster than ever.

    1. John-

      Like Reaper said feel free to check out the 2 week trial and let me know if you have any questions along the way.. my PM box is always open.

      Most times I share what I am trading and/or what I am looking for and what break point I’d long it at – once you log in you can view the chat logs and see how we go about it has some recent recaps as well, just write in the ‘how’d you hear about us’ “Reaper” and come check us out 🙂

  9. Note that XING owns over 70% of QXM, among other subsidiaries. At the current market caps of each, you are basically paying for the other subsidiaries for free at this point. XING tends to move closely w/ QXM, and both are on my strong fundamental-long bias lists. I bought 3500 XING yesterday and today looking for a delayed spike in XING to match QXM.

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