Trade recap for October 30th: How I made easy money buying the TNUS pump

I played TNUS well today, making $648 on a $4000 position. Sometimes it is better to trade small and hold longer, rather than getting scared out of positions because of an overly large position size.

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Daily profit: $659.00

Weekly profit: $2111.18

For your Halloween viewing pleasure, I present the pumpkin dance:

Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned in this post. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for October 30th: How I made easy money buying the TNUS pump”

  1. Loved the video… i like how i got to see how IB works in action. Kinda a pain typing in new limit orders rather then dropping and dragging like in TOS. Saw the level 2… i understood ur mentality watching it. I like how you played a small position and tried to play for moderate to large gains on that position, risking little but receiving alot. First video of trading i could relate to cause TNUS was actually on my watch list.

    1. Glad to hear you liked it, John. There are other ways to trade with IB, such as Booktrader, that allow for easier cancel/replace. I’m okay with my methods.

  2. I thought you said you bought the PNUS pump! I get those spam emails all the time and am curious if it made your “portfolio” bigger.

  3. I like hearing your tips on trading. “Sell into random traders instead of all at once.” I’ve added that to my list of trading rules. These trading recap videos are a great idea. It’s one thing to read a book or a website on trading strategies, it’s another thing to see them played out live or in a video with commentary into the “how” and “why” behind the trade.

    BTW, full disclosure…… much compensation did you receive to put that pumpkin mask on and dance for the Halloween video? That was funny, and a bit twisted, I have to say.

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