A tribute in song to a manipulated stock: I will never forget you, NXTH

Sung by myself to the tune of “A La Claire Fontaine.” The refrain is French for “I have known you for a long time and I will never forget you.”

1 month chart

1 day chart

Here is a nice version of the original song, “A La Claire Fontaine,” that was featured in the movie The Painted Veil.

NXTH was just like MNCS from a couple years ago:

Disclosure: No positions in any stocks mentioned in this post. Of course I cannot be sure that NXTH was manipulated, but it sure does look that way. I have a disclosure policy and you can find all my disclaimers there as well; those disclosure & disclaimers are incorporated by reference into this post.

15 thoughts on “A tribute in song to a manipulated stock: I will never forget you, NXTH”

    1. it went up originally on real news. I don’t think it has a ton more downside. Consider also the mkt has been down a bunch today and yesterday, which helped knock it down.

    1. I encourage anyone with auto-tune and talent to remix this.

      I personally could not auto-tune such a beautiful melody, plus I still have no iPhone. To do the original one sobegemini2 at the seminar downloaded the “I am T-Pain” app to his iPhone.

  1. Reaper, you find shares to short NXTH on IB? I had an alert set for when it began cracking, so I turned to it when the offer was at 3.4 and the bid was at 3.3. I couldn’t find any shares to short at that point. What’s the best policy for making sure you have shares to short when you need them? Should I set a limit sell order in the morning at, for example, $10 (where I won’t get paid), just for IB to set some shares aside for me, then I can readjust the price on the order when I want to take action?

  2. Aight, thx. You find any to short on this occasion? Maybe if I had had my alert set tighter I would have been early enough.

  3. You have some great material on here good. The singing etc, is super weird though.

    You’re ability to explain your trades and outline what your thoughts are going in and out of trades is clear and concise. You have some serious potential man. Just gotta clean up the singing dude…American Idol might be the place for that shit….Just my opinion. However, It actually might draw more people to the site.. not too sure. You’re page is always on my radar though. Thanks for everything.


    1. Super weird? The last time I cared about what was ‘weird’ was back in high school. Anyway, you’re telling this to a dude whose ‘brand’ is a picture of him dressed up as the grim reaper!

      And you are right, any publicity is good publicity. Those who already love me won’t stop reading the blog because I do something weird once in awhile. Those who haven’t heard of me may hear of me because of it.

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