0 thoughts on “Watchlist for today”

  1. Very nice breakout indeed, I’m just wondering how much, if any it will give back.
    I made a decent trade on LEE yesterday after it broke it’s HOD, same pattern that I have been trading lately.
    None of my cousins believe that I’m trading stocks, they said it was out of character for a country boy from Ms. to trade stocks. Never underestimate your opponent, no matter what your doing.

  2. haha preston I can relate. I live in Tennessee and most of my family can’t grasp why I trade stocks and when i mention the word “stock” they give an incredibly confused look. I have absolutly no one to talk about stocks to in my area just the people in Tim’s chat.

  3. OPTT has a nice breakout going, I didn’t have the guts to buy on the 7 break. No shares to short at AMTD, maybe a nice squeeze.

  4. Thanks TIm, I saw you got in on the short side, I tried to get shares but wasn’t able to.
    Have you looked at LEE, first down day and red on the day as well.

  5. i saw OPTT breaking new highs between 7.50 and 8. Got in the top on both waves though at 8 and then 8.32. Thought it had potential to go to high 8’s but when it dipped the second i got in and had a hard time recovering i just took my loses. -$84 First trade i’ve done in over a month or so. Every morning at 7 i wake up looking for shares to short from TOS but there’s never any available for any of Tim’s stock he mentions.

    Anyone looking to short OPTT some more? Id be cumbersome of a morning spike.
    LEE looks like its ready to crack.

    Everyone still tells me I’m gambling my money away with stocks… We’ll find out soon enough.

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