The best stock watchlist you will read on this blog this week!

Gosh, I sound like a penny stock promoter with these hyped-up titles. Some interesting stocks, but my trading week will probably finish boringly tomorrow.

TIV – nice breakout, but it is a commodity play.


PLUG – Nice big volume break. Should be good for more upside. Long on green.


MMG – Yep, another miner. Ignore.


LIZ – Beautiful breakout above resistance at $6.30. A little over-extended for me to play it long. Also tends to trade choppily.


ENMD – Crappy biotech up 50% on no news? Buy on green, $0.95 is meaningful. Short on red.


LUNA – Spiked hard on rumors of a contract win. Even stocks with “fat-fingered shorts” charts that are up on rumors usually fade. I thought about shorting, but this would have been a higher-risk trade. No play now.


ZMTP – Spinoff or new incarnation of ZOOM or something. Crazy chart, could still have another day of crazy spiking in it. Long on green, but trading it long here would be very risky.


APCVZ – A great history of failing on every single spike. I tried to short today but it was not shortable at IB until it had already dropped to $0.63. It should drop tomorrow but the risk/reward is not great.


Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “The best stock watchlist you will read on this blog this week!”

  1. just a suggestion. on the live chat thing. maybe you could run it as a free chat so people will see the value for awhile then move to pay.

  2. Interesting note: got into PLUG today at 10:04 @ 1.32 – 1.20 (yes..I picked the days high, then doubled down — twice — talent!) then watched it kick my butt …finally took a 610.00 beating @ 1.14 — at least the rest of the day made up for it…wound up only down $92.00 for the day. — Hmmm…turns out that doubling down stratagy may not be the best way to _fix_ a bad trade. should have just taken my lose early and moved on…should be interesting to see if it gets its legs back tomorrow.
    BTW – YRCW was the winner for me today.

  3. Nice lesson Joe.

    Yes, taking the loss early is always the best idea when playing in the gutter with these stocks. If your plan doesn’t work out, bail. Always another trade.

  4. Yep…thanks. I am *very* new to the active trading thing — been swing trading for a couple years and had very good success. So far I really enjoy this however. Had a *big* win with GVBP early and used those profits to pay for some training, and the trip to vegas and to justify some of my current “learning losses”. I post this stuff here becuase I know that when I was completely green (instead of just mostly green like now) I learned as much from reading about other traders dumb moves as their big wins. One reason I enjoyed Tim Sykes book so much. Pretty honest as well as entertaining (I bought it from audible…)

    Another leson – if you leave for lunch — use trailing stops to protect upward profit, not just limit orders — left over $600.00 on the table today during lunch — ouch!

    Good trading tomorrow all…..

  5. never leave for lunch while holding a position!!
    Indigestion has many causes, including: eating during stressful situations…


  6. A cup of hot Tazo tea with creme brulee creamer and a banana in the morning can make for a great trading day.

  7. Preston: Thanks for the SCIL – Hope to return the favor sometime – days pay by 9:15 this morning…now off to do my “real job” (professional computer geek / website work and visual basic programming today…) — darn customers — can’t they see I’m having more fun here? Hard to work in front of the computer and stay out of the markets…discipline Joe…discipline….


    1. That’s no problem Joe, glad it worked out for you. As long as I have the time I will always post some pre-market leaders here. It’s a great learning tool for me when Michael comments back on them.

    1. Yes. I hate fading big run stocks when they fall off of their hod. Maybe Preston can comment — he’s done that successfully a few times.

  8. Man, just took a nasty loss on FSII, not really that big dollar wise (207.00) but very big percentage wise (18%). I really thought I could wait for it to come back down, I am busy at the hospital and I thought I could wait it out.
    Bad move, very bad move.

  9. tbohen, that would have been a good play. I was tied up in FSII, which was a green/red play that I surely need help with.
    Things I look for in that type of trade; traded over 1mil shares for the day so far, up over 50%, 100% even better and no significant news. Now SCIL had news so I would look for it to be well over 100% and 1.5mil shares traded, I have a sheet tab dedicated to these type trades, I have 100% win factor so far. Most of which can be verified on Covestor.
    I played the green/red (FSII) play wrong, bought to late and didn’t sell when I should have.

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