Trade recap for October 1st: Boring!

Boring day. No watchlist tonight … I’m going to attempt to have a life for one day. I’ll post a watches in the comments to this post.

Daily profit: ($3.00)

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13 thoughts on “Trade recap for October 1st: Boring!”

  1. I agree today was barely anything. Im gonna try to borrow some CHIP tommorow pre-market if I can. TIm wasn’t able to get any I think and Its still holding at a nice fade

  2. meh, just saw the spread, too wide for me now. Gonna have to pass on it. Slim pickins for supernovas end of this week

  3. CPRX will be a good short again today unless it crashes out the gate.
    TELK is showing some strength this morning, but the chart is horrid.

  4. Just goes to show that I have great teachers. 🙂

    I haven’t really looked at the market since I started following you, thanks for reminding me that it does matter.
    In cases like these would you consider TZA, FAZ a play, or never.

    1. No I don’t trade the market, so no ETFs. What I do find is that while standard momo stocks are affected by a big market drop, stocks up on big news are still playable and retain momo.

  5. Good job on the covestor preston i will have to friend you on there. Enjoy your Mario Kart today reaper if I was not at work i would be doing the same thing. Today is going to be very boring.

  6. Thanks guys, I live in Laurel but I spend most of my time in Houston or Baton Rouge. I guess to say I get mail in Laurel, truth is i’ve never worked in MS.

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