Trade recap for September 30th: Pumpty dumpty sat on a wall

The next pumped up OTC stock that is due for a fall: Nutra Pharma Corp (OTC: NPHC). I shorted this today and covered for an easy $776.65. I had a few other small trades today. Tim Sykes has a good post on Nutra Pharma.

IB trades:
+    BOT    900    VSR    false    Stock    5.400    USD    ISLAND    09:30:10        4.50
SLD    900    VSR    false    Stock    5.45    USD    ISLAND    09:31:50        4.50
+    BOT    400    HOKU    false    Stock (NMS)    4.105    USD    SMART    09:41:11        2.00
+    SLD    400    HOKU    false    Stock (NMS)    4.110    USD    SMART    09:41:51        2.00
+    SLD    10,000    NPHC    false    Stock (OTCBB)    .830    USD    SMART    09:46:35        41.50
SLD    500    NPHC    false    Stock (OTCBB)    0.8300    USD    SMART    09:46:35        2.08
BOT    1,500    NPHC    false    Stock (OTCBB)    0.7370    USD    SMART    09:51:14        5.53
+    BOT    5,000    NPHC    false    Stock (OTCBB)    .750    USD    SMART    09:52:07        18.75
BOT    4,000    NPHC    false    Stock (OTCBB)    0.7500    USD    SMART    09:52:07        15.00

Daily profit: $781.20

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Trade recap for September 30th: Pumpty dumpty sat on a wall”

  1. No watchlist tonight. There isn’t anything really interesting. BTW, I nailed my prediction of GSAE today. It should fade more tomorrow.

    From my watchlist last night: “GSAE – Hot pink sheet stock with a huge move on ever-increasing volume. I like this as a long on strength or short on weakness. My prediction last night of a 30%+ gain today was correct and I nailed it for 22% (I also tweeted my trade). Tomorrow it should fade. There will be no shares to short, though.”

  2. This mask company Alpha Pro Tech (APT) is breaking down from a supernova. They got a full segment on CNBC this morning bc they sell protective masks for swine flu. Only $100 mil market cap. gap up and very unusual volume. Chart’s messy right now but maybe good for short bias soon. Wish I knew EPS guidance.

  3. NENE … volume picked up in the last two days, lots of fluff coming out… recently on Fox Business…. looking to break 1.20 resistance. With the amount of news its had and consolidation, i think many will feel secure with this as an investment.

    EDWY – went up 62% from .90 breakout to .15…
    Has been fading away and is down another 16% No longer a play….

  4. CHTP is showing some strength but it has a huge gap down in its chart that it has to fill, not sure how to evaluate that.

  5. Another lesson learned; DO not look at a break out stock after the market has opened on a 5 day 5min chart. After I switched to a 1 day 1 min chart the break of HOD looked more significant and playable, you can clearly see the consolidation before it broke the old HOD.

  6. Oh wait I can short NPHC. Finally covered LUNA at 1.91. Great short. Wish they all went this way lol. NPHC looks good , except its under a 1$ which kinda scares me a little.

  7. seems all the supernova stocks that we shorted aren;t there anymore. My tracker can’t find any new ones lol. The only one thats semi holding is CHIP

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