Watchlist for September 30

GSAE – Hot pink sheet stock with a huge move on ever-increasing volume. I like this as a long on strength or short on weakness. My prediction last night of a 30%+ gain today was correct and I nailed it for 22% (I also tweeted my trade). Tomorrow it should fade. There will be no shares to short, though.


ASTC – Up on earnings and its desire to “explore strategic alternatives” (it is putting itself up for sale). It held strong just above $3 most of the day. A break below $3 (hmm, a whole number …) would make it a nice short. Otherwise it may be a decent long on strength for follow-through from today’s momentum.


RODM – Nice 52 week highs today. Way too slow and choppy for my taste.


MSHL – Top short watch that may actually be borrowable. It spiked big this morning but closed below its open and right above $1. Will be an easy short on the break of $1.



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  1. DSCO had some news yesterday and this morning, had insane volume yesterday and looks to be a pre-market leader this morning.

    1. followed DSCO most of the day yesterday, bought on the break of $1.00 w/ volume (love them round numbers, great post BTW Reaper), but sold. I just couldn’t bring myself to hold O/N. The news was a “path for approval” for one of their drugs, NOT approval. I’ll be looking short here in a few days.

  2. APT, TSTR – pre-market leaders with news.
    APT has some resistance ahead that it hhas to break first to be a good runner.
    TSTR has no resistance on a 1 year chart and could run nicely with news about a deal with AT&T deal.

  3. You’re serious, ox? Why would I short something on a perfect breakout? Of course it was a long. I bought it right out of the open and had a nice unrealized profit before it quickly tanked. I got out +$36

    SkepticalOx :

    As a short or a long? The gap is because they just got a huge air force contract for those who don’t know.

    1. What part of “I got out +$36” in comment #10 did you not understand?

      It is okay … everyone gets one stupid question. The second stupid question will result in serious consequences.

  4. I have a bad feeling that SEC will use short sellers as an escape goat for this mess. Here is an idea maybe just maybe if your business didn’t suck maybe the shortsellers would not short your stock. That is just a theory, but what so i know. On the other hand if they do make shortselling nearly impossible then I see penny stocks evolving. Bigger bull raids due to know one being able to short them down and more pump and dumps that will surge higher than ever before. just gotta learn to be buyers.

    1. No not really … I just hate dumb questions … and really it wasn’t stkonlinetrader who set me off … it was a couple people who emailed me or contacted me via Youtube and I couldn’t even understand their questions.

      Yes, EMGE halted. My twitter feed is an integral part of this blog; I tweeted it earlier today:

      “EMGE halted, SEC halt order (pdf): way to go @timothysykes and me … my post on EMGE: 2 hours ago from Seesmic “

  5. You are right, thanks for correcting me on that. After I wrote that comment I went back and thought about it looking at the chart and realized what I had done.
    Sorry about that. πŸ™‚ More stupidness for the day huh.

  6. I tried a order today of LUNA and couldn’t get shares.
    Tried CHIP as well, it seems you have to get in early and sometimes endure a little pain or you miss the possible gain.

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