Watchlist for September 10th

No charts tonight as is down. I can’t say I did a super-thorough job scanning tonight. I’m a bit tired after my intense trading day today. I’ll update the list in the comments tomorrow to add in my thoughts on pre-market leaders.

ENCO – short on green/red. Its news today wasn’t that great and it faded slowly all day after its initial morning spike.

OPXA – I expect more red, but less than today. I probably won’t trade it again.

AEN – Same as OPXA.

VVUS – I like it as a buy on the break of today’s high of $12.50. The news was good and obesity drugs may get the daytraders all excited.

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for September 10th”

  1. John, thanks for the compliment but truth is I’m a long way from doing that. You should know that I have picked up my old English books and I’m working on my paragraphs and sentence writing skills again, rebuilding them actually.
    Maybe, and it’s a big maybe, one day I might think about it and hopefully if that day does come I can have the backing from Michael that I will need to get started. If it doesn’t happen then I will not have bad feelings one way or the other.
    Not to mention I would like to be trading consistently before doing so.

  2. DVAX has some resistance around the 1.90 area.
    PIP looks real good, has been running for a few days.
    RNWK has some resistance at 3.65
    SWHC, I have always been a fan of this one so I might be one sided talking about it, but it looks good and had good earnings.
    UAUA has some resistance to break as well.

  3. My mistake, I was looking at a 3 month chart and it wasn’t showing pre-market trading, I just learned something……..again.

  4. Michael, a couple of these look like more long term holds, I mean really good stocks with the news they have. Am I seeing this wrong, it’s been a little while since I thought like this but several look like good stocks.

    1. Oftentimes you’ll see a stock trade like that in pre, where there are only a couple fills and then the bid drops way down … sometimes they can still be good longs.

  5. Reaper – had you stayed in OPXA overnight, would you hold what you had to wait for more fading or would you get out ASAP? Assuming OPXA’s trend continues in pre

    1. Considering I was planning on holding o/n just 1k shares, I’d probably hold for the first few minutes of market trading. VG if you will recall traded up in pre on the day it really tanked and then went red on the day two minutes after the open.

    1. it is always risky to short a stock that is up big on the day. I almost never do that. I do know that some people can time that right, like InvestorsLive in the InvestorsUnderground chat (although he usually shorts stocks up less).

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