Watchlist for September 3rd: Lots of buys

K-V Pharmaceutical Company (Public, NYSE:KV.A) — buy on red/green or strength, although there is a bunch of resistance around $3.20 to $3.40, so not ideal


The Medicines Company (Public, NASDAQ:MDCO)– buy on red/green or strength or on $11 cross or on $11.50 cross (look up large long-term chart to see meaning of $11.50).

Midway Gold Corp. (Public, AMEX:MDW)– buy on break of .93 (hopefull in two days)
Rubicon Minerals Corp. (USA) (Public, AMEX:RBY)– buy on red/green or strength
iMERGENT, Inc.(Public, AMEX:IIG) — buy on 8.47 cross or 8 cross

BONU — nice tank today, it would’ve been on my watchlist but I could never find shares to short.

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for September 3rd: Lots of buys”

  1. Looks good, I’ve been out with clients trying to drum up some work so I have not had time to look at much. I will catch up in the morning, looks like my gamble with SVA might at least break even.

  2. hehe, spoke to soon, check out SVA this morning. They’ve had great news of H1N1 approval in China. Will be a good pre-leader long maybe.

  3. I shorted it, although I was a wuss and shorted it too late, at 2.40. -$83

    I should’ve shorted over $3 … but I chickened out and missed out on a nice easy profit.

  4. SPNG – could break .200… maybe not…
    UTSI- might follow my up and upper pattern at around 1. and break the high of the day. if not then F it.
    NXG – seems weak on breaking 2.65

    1. MTXX often spikes like that on rumors of news. It has done that at least two other times in the past two months. Each time it has held the spike well. Also, the percentage gain is relatively small (20% spike only). So no, not short-worthy.

  5. Watch SVA (my favorite) for green red action, should have held on to my position. shoulda woulda coulda. lol
    Other stocks moving on no news it had decent news this morning and just faded away.

  6. Damn we missed VION, from 6 to under a dollar, and I was watching that one to.

    IPII is starting to fade, maybe a short tomorrow.

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