On watch for August 24th: JEDI MIND INC (Public, PINK:JEDM)

Watchlist synopsis:

JEDI MIND INCĀ  (Public, PINK:JEDM) – pump, buy (but only on strength as a quick daytrade)
RPRX – on verge of BK, big jump, short on green/red (higher risk though)
SBGI – good debt news, long on red/green, stay scared
XIDE – upgrade, long on red/green or 8 cross

Today’s video watchlist was uploaded to Youtube hours before it was posted here. If you want to get my videos as I finish them, visit my Youtube Channel.

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “On watch for August 24th: JEDI MIND INC (Public, PINK:JEDM)”

  1. I really like the watchlist video where you explain your reasons with charts and past price action, which is what I need the most help on.

  2. Hey Michael, I am new to trading and wondering if you could tell me what you mean by red/green, green/red action (I think I can figure this one out but just wanna make sure) and 8 cross. I’m davy917 on timalerts. BTW great site..

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