Rentech Inc. (Amex: RTK) is really starting to annoy me

Video recap today.

+    BOT    1,000    AXL    false    Stock    5.712    USD    SMART    09:30:43        5.00
+    SLD    1,000    AXL    false    Stock    5.990    USD    ARCA    09:32:26        5.00
+    BOT    2,000    RTK    false    Stock    2.430    USD    ARCA    09:48:42        10.00
SLD    2,000    RTK    false    Stock    2.4700    USD    AMEX    09:53:17        10.00
+    SLD    10,000    RTK    false    Stock    2.380    USD    ARCA    13:02:03        50.00
+    SLD    10,000    RTK    false    Stock    2.370    USD    ARCA    13:02:06        50.00
+    BOT    20,000    RTK    false    Stock    2.437    USD    SMART    13:10:33        100.00
+    SLD    20,000    RTK    false    Stock    2.380    USD    SMART    13:30:38        100.00
+    BOT    20,000    RTK    false    Stock    2.410    USD    SMART    13:33:28        100.00

Today’s profit: ($1918.00)


SPDE and EDAP up big. EDAP may be a decent continuation long (on strength only), while SPDE should be a decent short on green/red.

Disclosure: Long 249 shares ZRBA. If you didn’t get the RTK reference, Law and Order did an episode on the RDT Killer, which was their version of the real-life BTK Killer. I have a disclosure policy.

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  1. Sorry reaper, twitter was blocked where I was earlier in the day. My username is cwn6161. I just got twitter and so it could be that I’ve set it up incorrectly, but I’ve used the test function they have and everything seems to be working fine.

  2. My RTK shorts did pretty well today. I first shorted at 2.48, and covered half at 2.32. I covered the rest at 2.48 when it bounced. But it looked like a bounce and fade so I reshorted at 2.43. I had a tight stop just above 2.45 as it looked like there was resistance at 2.45. It bounced around 2.40 for a while and finally caved. I covered half at 2.21. I’m holding the other half short overnight.

  3. Not enough Law and order it was Rape Dismember Torture in the episode

    Humphrey Becker: Now why would they say that?
    Dr. George Huang: All of RDK’s victims were raped. None of your victims were.
    Humprey Becker: They have no idea what I did to those women.
    Dr. George Huang: Well, you didn’t rape them.

  4. Thought it said they would buy up to $1.5 million of biodiesel per year starting 2012. This is def. BS tho news cause they havent even finished the plant and wont be running til 2012. I was all for this company thinking I would hold long. but then i remembered Profits, and Timmay so i took the profit.

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