Watchlist for August 13th

ZOOM & EMMS are both on short watch after big runs with no immediate news (ZOOM had some back on August 6th). Short on green/red action.


EMMS has a bigger run and more volume so I will more likely play that.


Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for August 13th”

  1. Reaper I had the same two in my short list as well. I considered grabbing one and holding overnight since I’m out of daytrades for the week, but I hesitated. As a new trader since June, its good in my mind to see someone more experienced making picks that I am as well.

  2. Reaper I love these watchlists, but I have to wonder aren’t you a little worried about getting crowded out of some these plays that you share?

    Especially with shorts, borrows can be pretty scarce on a lot of these small frys like ZOOM I imagine.

  3. Chris — 98% of the time I would not consider shorting one of these just when it makes my watchlist (ie, on a day when it is up big). These can often keep going way higher.

    Tasty — with 150 or so loyal readers right now, I can’t imagine more than a few actually have made trades based on my watchlist (I know of one or two that did). On the flip side, anyone who has a slight clue what they are doing could find the same stocks.

  4. Add me to your “People who have made successful trades based on my watchlist” list. Thank you Reaper.

  5. One that sticks out was…. GGC …you said it still had potential legs past 27.00 and our friend said it was dead. That being said I’m aware I should be relying on my own research.

  6. Reaper,

    I was reading this regarding ZOOM.

    I saw this statement:

    “Staying on NASDAQ will require the combined company to meet NASDAQ’s initial listing requirements, which depends on a number of factors, including meeting NASDAQ’s $4 share price requirement.”

    This is a bit confusing to me. I thought the NASDAQ requirement to remain listed was a minimum bid of $1. Is there something about this acquisition that I’m not understanding? Was this price manipulated up to the $4’s to meet this requirement?

  7. Maybe they have to have a $4 share price to have their market cap above the minimum? It sure seems sketchy that their price jumps above that right when they need it to do so.

  8. Well I took a hefty loss on ZOOM today. I was short overnight at 3.90. Today Cy Group contacted me and said ZOOM was on the LTD list and so they forced me to cover at the offer of 4.19.

  9. Sorry to hear that Yngvai. That is the risk with those illiquid ones and why I try to avoid playing them nowadays. Is that the first time you’ve been bought in from Cy group on a short position?

  10. What sucks now is ZOOM has gone red. If forced to cover now I would’ve at least gotten out with a profit or break even. And since the loss put me over my Cy Group max loss for the day, I can’t trade anymore today to make my losses back.

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