Watchlist for Wednesday, August 12th

Not much that interests me for tomorrow:

HLCS: crazy stock, crazy moves recently. It will move, but I have no clue which way. I doubt I will play it.

AVNR: gap and crap on positive (but weak) drug news. Was a good short when it failed to hold 4. I thought about shorting when it broke $3.50 but did not. I do not see much further downside or upside and I will avoid it.

JAZZ: up 20% after hours on positive earnings release. There is no play either way that I see.

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for Wednesday, August 12th”

  1. Michael, what about RWC, it gapped up at close yesterday on some decent news and then faded all day today. How would you look at this one, I think it will continue to fade and could offer a decent short.
    JAZZ could offer the same play if it fads in early morning trading.
    I do see what your talking abvout in AVNR, it’s leveled out for the time being.

  2. I think JAZZ still has steam to rise, since the earnings were announced in AH. Most people haven’t had the chance to trade that yet. I’m thinking of RTK when I say this, as it also had an AH earnings report, gained the day after, then faded a bit.

  3. Preston – yeah I think I’d agree on RWC. JAZZ could go either way. I’d be more likely to buy that though since its news just came out yesterday in after hours trading (as Chris points out).

  4. The volume on RWC is fading now (12:00), setting up for further down motion, if I have that right.
    ZOOM is fading as well, would have been a decent short at opening following your rules.

  5. To add to above, I meant following your rules on trading, getting in and out quickly.
    PLCC has went up on news today but the news was not that great and it will surely fall tomorrow.

  6. Preston you mean ZOOM as a long? Or do you mean fading off of they highs?

    Both ZOOM and PLC too low of volume for my taste. ZOOM if it finishes strong could move up more tomorrow, though.

  7. No I meant ZOOM as a short, it looks like it faded for the day and with any catalyst could meander on down.
    Yeah, those stocks do have very low volume, because of the low volatility I guess you mean it could jump quick right.

  8. ZOOM will be on watch for short tomorrow (if it goes red), but I would not 95% of the time I wouldn’t consider shorting a stock like that when it is still up big for the day.

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