Watchlist for August 11th

After my fun with my website today I have little energy left for a watchlist. Here is a short one. Do the homework yourselves:

Potential long: RTK, ACAS

Potential short (but I really have no clue): FNM, FRE

No clue (but fun to watch): GGC

Disclosure: No positions. I have a disclosure policy.

0 thoughts on “Watchlist for August 11th”

  1. ACAS faded before close with a red candle so probably stay away from this one.
    RTK is still running even in afterhours, maybe buy in pre-market if the spreads aren’t to bad, maybe a spike up at opening. I guess a gap down could signal a better sign for a long purchase.
    FNM would be a great short on green/red action, if you were aggressive you could try it earlier.
    FRE looks the same way but better than FNM to me.
    GGC looks like it could go either way, a run up to last week highs with no cross could signal a good short.

    Well I hope you have time to comment when you can and I like doing this whenever you can put the stocks up there.

  2. Preston – ACAS finished only 10 cents off its highs. That ain’t perfect, but it is still a strong close. Of course as you can see in pre-market trading both it and RTK are slightly red (along with the market). If they can go green after the market opens they may still be good longs. I wouldn’t want to buy either if they stay red.

    I don’t think I’d want to ever get aggressive on FNM or FRE. They are too large and ‘real’ for my taste. Considering their strength this AM I like them more as buys now.

    GGC has been too choppy for me to be too interested in it, even if it bangs off resistance at $47. It never had an ideal chart.

  3. Thanks Michael, did RTK turn into a short when it went green/red, or is that wrong thinking.
    Same thing with FRE did it turn into a short when it went green/red. I know in hind sight it looks like that but you have to know that before hand.

    What else have you got for me to look at for practice, I’m bringing some clients out tonight so my time is limited.

    Hope your having a good day.

  4. Was HCLS a Fat FInger SHort this morning?
    WOuld have been a good trade, classic opening up then crash. I found that with 50% gain scan, using 400K shares.

  5. HLCS you mean? No. That was a big spike but too gradual for me to call it a fat-finger. It is just a volatile stock. You can trade those big gainers as they fade off of highs but that is tough IMHO.

    RTK, FRE any volatile stock is a potential short if it goes red and a potential long if it goes green. However, I will tend to play stocks only one way. That is just something I do to maximize my odds. A great trader could make money going both ways on the same stock.

  6. Sorry for the typo, yes HLCS. Ok so I have to look at past history to determine if they’re just a historically volatile stock or if they have relevant news that’s driving, or just being pumped.

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