puts the pizzazz back in pump & dumps

This is a classic trading post from my investment blog

I would congratulate on the skill with which they have in consecutive weeks sent Candela Corp (CLZR) up 100% and on April 20, NetSol Technologies (NTWK) up 60% (from $0.45 to a high of $0.72). However, their pump of NetSol attracted so much interest that it crashed their website. On the day it was pumped over 5 million shares were traded versus an average of 400,000 shares per day in the prior week. I can only guess that 1 million more shares would have been traded if StockPreacher’s website had not crashed.

NTWK 4-20-09 stockpreacher pump-dump

Of course, like most pumped stocks, NetSol and Candela both fell after the pump and I profited from short selling both of them (I also profited from buying NetSol into the pump). Tim Sykes also has a post on this pump and how he (and I) profited from trading it. Do you want to learn how I have made $2577.30 in 2009 and $50,801.90 since last June by following Tim Sykes’ trading system? Buy some of Tim’s stuff (like his Pennystocking Part 2 DVD set … but skip Part 1) and find out.

For those who must know, I bought NTWK at $0.47 (because their website was down and my email was slow I found out which stock they were pumping from a post in the InvestorsUnderground Chatroom, which is a great place for day-traders), sold at $0.61, went short at $0.65, covered at $0.58, went short again at $0.64 (all on 4/20) and covered at $0.57 on 4/21. I made over $1500 in under 24 hours with no more than $4300 at risk at any time. Not bad, eh?

Disclosure: No positions in any stock mentioned. I am an affiliate of  InvestorsUnderground and Tim Sykes and will make a commission if you buy junk using my links. I am a subscriber to InvestorsUnderground and a customer of Tim Sykes. I have a disclosure policy that gives details on those relationships.

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  1. Followup on Stockpreacher: they were sold to Beacon Equity and now they barely move stocks. They are barely worth paying attention to anymore.

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