What to expect on this blog

What can you expect on my new blog? I will blog about trading strategy, trading psychology, and my own trades. For the time being I do not forsee offering any pay services even though some readers have encouraged me to start a Reaper Alerts service much like Tim Sykes’ TimAlerts (of which I am a lifetime member). I do not rule out offering such a service in the future, but for the time being protecting my best trading strategy is more important to me than earning a few thousand dollars from selling my knowledge.

In addition to this blog I have a new Twitter account. See my @ReaperTrades twitter account for all future tweets.

First up: reposts of my best trading articles from my other blog. Expect new posts here by the end of the week.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Tim Sykes and am a happy customer of both. See my disclosures & disclaimers page for more details on what products I have purchased from Sykes.

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