Update on Tim Sykes’ trading system

As I wrote previously, I have been trading stocks using Tim Sykes’ trading system. This has been quite profitable for me (but is not my most profitable trading strategy). To update my previous post, since then I have made only about $6,000 more trading Sykes’ system. November and December were tough for me in most of my trading (in one trading system I have been using for 6 months, I saw an 80% draw down) and I messed up lots of things; I also dealt with an injury to my wrist that made trading more difficult. Despite all this, I never lost a substantial sum of money on Sykes’ system and continue to believe in it.

Probably the best reason to believe that Sykes’ system works? Look at his trades on Covestor. This comes straight from his brokerage account, so it cannot be faked. So many people who sell trading systems won’t give their real trading performance. The reason is because it is usually very bad. (Please keep in mind that Covestor does not account for cash in a trading account, so the raw percentage return is incorrect; so instead of a 2000% return, Syke’s return since the fall of 2007 is more like 300%.)

If you want to give Tim Sykes’ system a try, I suggest reading all his past blog posts in which he describes his trades. Then consider purchasing his Pennystocking 2 DVD and/or his TimAlerts trading-notification service. (The one problem with TimAlerts is that so many people now subscribe that his followers move the market with less liquid stocks.) I recommend avoiding his other DVDs: TimRaw is one long ramble, Pennystocking is very basic (just use wikipedia and buy Tim’s book), and his new TimFundamentals DVD seems pointless–he has already explained the material in that DVD on his blog.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Tim. I am also a TimAlerts subscriber for life and have purchased his Pennystocking (1 & 2) DVDs and have attended his trading seminar.

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  1. thanks for the honest post, u may be right on everything but TIMfundamentals is very important as it shows people not just the websites i use, but what specific info on the sites, my daily routine, etc.

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  3. Hey, nice post on statistics in your other blog (I can’t comment there as I’m not registered with CAPS). As a published scientist and stats geek myself I love hearing discussions on stats and probabilities and how they relate to the things I’m interested in (like trading)

  4. His covestor percentile return is not correct and if you’re affiliated with Tim, you’d know that its not correct. You’re being very deceptive. Tim has publicly said that his covestor return is not accurate because he found a flaw in their accounting and has taken advantage of that flaw. Tim’s strategy may work but you’re a deceptive person and for that reason alone, I wouldn’t trust a dam thing you say.

  5. Jim — I am not being deceptive. I just assumed that people would actually look at his Covestor returns and compare them to the trades on his website. I assumed that they would then read about how Covestor accounts for trades. I guess I should assume that more people are morons like you.

    It is not a flaw in the Covestor return; they just do not account for cash (they have their own reasons for doing this; it makes setting up their auto-trading platform easier). So the Covestor return would be accurate if Tim had used 100% of his trading account for each trade. How many traders do you know who would be up 3000% in two years if they went all in every time? Most would have blown up their accounts. Even accounting for risk (the standard deviation of his returns), Tim is ranked #1 on Covestor. http://www.covestor.com/rankings/portfolio?perf=risk&q=tgr&tf=si

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