Who is reading my blog?

Employees at some of the following institutions have been reading my blog in November. In parentheses is the number of visits (not hits) from each.

CIBC World Markets (26)
Raiffesen Pension Fund Management (20)
Stifel Nicolaus (9)
Visual Trading Systems LLC (9)

Google Inc (5)
JP Morgan (5)
Wachovia (3)
Singapore General Hospital (3)
Deutche Bank (3)
Forbes (2)
Morgan Stanley (2)

In November I had visitors from 68 countries and every state in the US except for Alaska.

0 thoughts on “Who is reading my blog?”

  1. No Wasilla traffic, huh? That’s probably a good thing. 😉

    The “Real America” that I love is too busy farmin’ and goin’ to church to bother with soulless investin’ blogs.

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