Violating the laws of thermodynamics for fun and profit

Evidently someone forgot to tell investors or management of GMC Holding Corp about the law of conservation of energy. The company reported tests on a motor that produced more energy than was put into the device. According to the SEC’s complaint in the matter, the company did not mention that “the efficiency lasted only a few moments and that they were unable to duplicate the results in subsequent tests.” The company also put out a press release stating that it was negotiating to sell the technology to a company in the S&P 500. However, again according to the SEC, “GMC and Brace never contacted, much less negotiated with, an S&P corporation, or any other company, regarding the sale of the company’s technology.”

The SEC today received an injunction against Richard Brace, formerly of GMC, preventing him from serving as the officer of a public company. I presume that the SEC will continue its case against Brace in the pursuit of monetary penalties.

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