Update on my stock picks and pans

My bearish calls have been pretty accurate over the last couple months. Life is not too good right now if you were an investor in Cellcyte Genetics (OTC BB: CCYG), Noble Roman’s (OTC BB: NROM), or Octillion (OTC BB: OCTL). After having almost doubled since I wrote about it, Cellcyte has now fallen 90%. Noble Roman’s is down over 40% since I first wrote about it. Octillion is down over 60% since I wrote about it.

Home Solutions of America (OTC: HSOA) is down over 80% since I first highlighted questions regarding fraud. Skinns (OTC BB: SKNN) is down 30% since I called its whole business ‘silly‘ while praising the quality of management. My old favorite, Continental Fuels (OTC BB: CFUL), is down 25% since the most recent time I mentioned how overvalued it was.

My recent positive calls have been few and far between. I was positive on TSR Inc. [[tsri]] and I still am. It is down only slightly since I wrote about it in mid-December, about in line with the market. Also, my positive call on Tecumsah [[tecua]] has been a good call.

While basking in my glory, I should also highlight my painfully bad call on ACA from last August, after which it fell 90%. (I blame this on my call being on video and not in writing.) In my defense, I did say that I did not understand the company enough to invest in it.  IDO Security (OTC BB: IDOI) has also been a bad call. Since I wrote about its promotion by junk fax the stock is up over 40%. It will eventually go back down, however.

Disclosure: I am long TSRI and have no other position in any stock mentioned. I have an iron-clad disclosure policy.

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