I Matter!

The mark of someone who is making a difference is that they make enemies. I guess someone thinks I’m making a difference! Dan said this to me in response to my article on CytoCore (OTC BB: CYOE):

Your article on CytoCore was total [bull feces]. Seems a little odd to have picked
it out of the blue. A virtual unknown company that you decide to short.

Seem to be trying to gain financially off the article. Best watch your [derrière].
Front and back.

Dan, if you had bothered to research me you would have found out that almost all the companies about which I write are tiny and unknown. Also, watching my tush “front and back” makes no sense. Oh, and I have never shorted Cytocore.

Disclosure: I have never shorted Cytocore. My disclosure policy, though high on life, is far more lucid than Dan.

0 thoughts on “I Matter!”

  1. The mark of someone being ignorant is someone trying to devalue a company they nothing about.

    Stick to Cognitive Psychology and you’ll possibly grow old and wise.

  2. So criticizing a company for not filing necessary documents (a proven fact) is being ignorant? I would hope that even the ‘investors’ in this company want it to disclose useful information.

  3. A viable company whose invention will revolutionize the current pap smear testing. I truly believe in this company and its commitment to womens health.
    Every company does what it needs to do to and with FDA approval sales will come quickly as with the European market. Its a definite buy.

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