Welcome to the Remote MDX Bashing Party, Andrew

Andrew Left of Citron Research posted an article slamming Remote MDX (OTC BB: RMDX) back on December 4th. He got a decent amount of attention for it, too. Yet he is a little late to the party: I have been on that company’s case since August 20. See my two posts from that date on why Remote MDX is a horrible company and an incredibly bad investment.

Andrew did find out some information I had missed, but he missed the fact that Remote MDX does not even wholly own their ‘wholly-owned subsidiary’ SecureAlert. They only own 80% (see my previous articles for more information).

Left probably ran across my articles when researching his, so I would have appreciated a bit of credit for doing prior research on the company. If he did not see my articles, then he should probably start reading my blog. Another reason he should read my blog: almost one third of the visits to my blog have been for people searching for information on Mr. Left.

See my posts about Left:
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Disclosure: I am short RMDX. I have a disclosure policy. I would have posted this sooner, but I re-balanced my position in RMDX just after Left’s piece came out and I thus had to wait a week to publish this.

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