Off topic: Don’t ‘gift’ me anything

A bit off-topic, but I hate people who use ‘gift’ as a verb. While that is not a modern invention, it was out of use until just a few years ago. Why say ‘gift’ when ‘give’ works well and means the same thing?

gift (verb). Despite its antiquity (first recorded in the 16th c.) and its frequent use, esp. Scottish writers, since then, it has fallen out of favour among standard speakers in England, and is best avoided. On the other hand, gifted [as in] ‘talented’ (a gifted violinist) is standard. (p. 330)

From this blog.

Regifting” is a phrase that should be destroyed and forgotten lest its evils destroy all of society. I am generally not a fan of any kind of verbification (turning nouns into verbs to replace otherwise good verbs). Gifting combines verbification with overuse and instant cliche status and is thus, as they say in French, pire que le mal.

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