Barron’s Slams Parkervision

This is not news for those of you who subscribe to Barron’s, but this morning’s Barron’s had a great article on Parkervision [[prkr]]. I suggest buying the paper and reading the article. If you are an online subscriber you can see the article here after logging in.

Parkervision is another of those companies that sell nothing but hopes and dreams that short sellers like myself love to hate. Another such company is Research Frontiers [[refr]], which I have previously panned. Parkervision’s dream is wireless technology. While the Barron’s article does not bring up any new information it did point me towards That website, run by the founder of Rambus and other technology companies (who is also a Parkervision short seller) archives just about all the negative news and opinion on Parkervision. It also contains original opinions on Parkervision’s technologies and patents.

While I have no intention of shorting Parkervision, I will bet my reputation that the company will never produce significant profits and will eventually go bankrupt.

Disclosure: I have no interest in PRKR or REFR. I have no connections to any current PRKR short sellers. I previously sold short both stocks and managed to lose money despite both stocks falling over 30% between when I started shorting them and the present. My disclosure policy has not lost over $160 million over its lifetime, unlike Parkervision.

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