Like Digg, but useful

After a first glance, I found to be interesting. It aggregates financial blogs and news but like Digg allows users to select the most interesting. I might me adding it to my morning reading. Following is from the email I received that informed me of the site.

“We have started a site called We’re already getting quite a lot of traffic from investors looking for business and investment ideas that aren’t the run of the mill, boring stuff.

Bizzlo is a user generated site, so it is kind of like or, but exclusively focused on investing. If you go to the site and sign up for an account you can post a link and a brief description of any story you want to profile, any time.”

Will the site be successful? My guess is probably not, but I think niche sites like this have a lot better chance of remaining interesting and useful than general use sites like Digg.

Disclosure: I have no relationship with Bizzlo.

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