Bloggers behaving badly

Gary Weiss is a blogger behaving badly. He never published my insightful criticism of one of his arguments that I made in a comment on his blog two months ago. While he likes to dish out the criticism it seems that Gary cannot take it. Like too many journalists he thinks that he is somehow better than everyone else. Take it from me, Gary: there ain’t no such thing as impartiality. Journalistic ethics are not ‘right’–they can be useful sometimes and sometimes they are pointless or foolish.Let me reiterate that I publish all comments that could possibly contribute something and that are not obviously libelous, even if I think their authors are idiots and even if their authors insult me.

Disclosure: Gary Weiss, despite being pompous, rails like me against stock fraud and manipulation. He is one of the ‘good guys’. A previous version of this post criticized Clyde Milton of Cheap Stocks. He has since explained his action and apologized (see comment below). I see no reason to hold a grudge. I do find his blog interesting and useful.

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  1. My apologies, I am happy to publish your comment, and in no way meant to steal your thunder in the observation that you made. Unfortunately, I don’t monitor comments as they come in, and there sometimes a delay. CM

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