StockLemon v. Home Solutions (HSOA) Redux

Ahh, Andrew Left’s ‘conference call‘ today regarding¬† Home Solutions of America, Inc. [[HSOA]] was amusing. Andrew sounds very angry. His adversaries, the stupid traders who are long the stock, also sound angry. I did like the very British operator, and how she pronounced “Citron” (it sounded like ‘citrun’). That was very cute.

Me, I’m neither long nor short HSOA, and I am not angry. I think I’ll keep it that way!

My take on Andrew Left’s accusations against HSOA is that he brings up a lot of good points. The most damning evidence in my mind is the inability of the company to generate cash from their accounts receivables. There is no way I would go long HSOA.

Disclosure: I am not long or short HSOA and I have no affiliation with Andrew Left of StockLemon. I have a disclosure policy.

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