Popularity for all the wrong reasons

I had my first 40 visit day yesterday! Of course, that was mostly because of my recent discussion of StockLemon and HSOA. It is an interesting subject but I hope to get back to more relevant topics (i.e., how to find good investments) soon.

I should note that with the recent sell-off there are a lot of good stocks trading at good prices. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK A or BRK B) just reported great earnings, and remains cheap enough so as to almost get Buffett’s services for free. NAHC, CINF, and MIGP are a couple nice insurance companies trading right near book value. For a micro-cap insurer trading significantly below book (albeit one with a few troubles, though it remains profitable) I like RTWI. I should mention that I haven’t done full due diligence on NAHC or CINF, so caveat emptor.

Disclosure: I own shares in BRK.B, RTWI, and MIGP. My disclosure policy believes in proper diversification–investing only in insurance companies would be risky.

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