OTC Pump & dumps are not dead: GESI pumped via Google Ads

With 340 million shares outstanding, General European Strategic Investments Inc (OTC: GESI) boasts a market cap of $1.6 billion. There are only 37 million unrestricted shares though so that limits how many can be dumped. As always, look at the volume on the chart to see when it started to get promoted (probably mid-April after some wash-trading early in the month).

Is the company in on the pump or do they not have a clue? There is even less chance of figuring that out than usual because the pump page I found doesn’t have a disclaimer to say who owns it or who paid for the pump.

You can find the pump page by searching Google for “penny stocks” and clicking advertisements, one of which will take you to https://world-financial-times.com/?p=3790 The pump page itself is bare bones with few details.

Screenshot of pump page

One nice little feature of the URL setup of The-FinancialNews.com is they can and do change the page number that the same pump page is located on. Back on April 25th the same pump page was located at https://www.the-financialnews.com/?p=3886 (which is now no longer a functioning link).

As usual, the eventual outcome of this is preordained: massive drop in the stock price that sees foolish buyers lose over 99% if they hold long-term.

OTCMarkets.com does not currently show that GESI is being promoted.

Disclaimer. No positions. I may close or add to positions at any time. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

4 thoughts on “OTC Pump & dumps are not dead: GESI pumped via Google Ads”

  1. Hi michael . I went through old webinar which you mention about your blog decade ago. I were pleasantly surprise that it is still running. I am assumed you will be busy with other stuff and no longer had time to do blog. Thank for always answering my question at profitly.

    1. My pleasure! It is good to be back to blogging. GESI will be fun to watch although I will likely not short due to high borrow cost (250% APR for overnights and hard to borrow even for a day-trade).

  2. Your timing on this was epic. Squeezed to $10 for three days after your post. Now 2.20 after a rug pull

  3. Thanks for still blogging, Goode. Us old-timers read and care about what you have to say. I’ve learned allot from you over the years.

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