LifeQuest World Corp (LQWC) is the newest 7Stocks stock promotion & just got ☠

Important disclosure: I am currently short LQWC and will profit if it drops. See bottom for full disclosure.

Just three days ago I wrote about the drop in Vaccex (VCEX) after it was designated ‘caveat emptor’ by OTCMarkets. VCEX was promoted by 7 Stocks LLC. Around the end of the VCEX promotion 7 Stocks LLC started promoting LQWC using search engine ads linking to the website After the market close yesterday LQWC was also designated ‘caveat emptor’ by OTC Markets.

Sample Google search ad:

Screenshot of promotion page:

Disclosed budget: $50,000
Promoter:  7 Stocks LLC
Paying party:  Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd
Shares outstanding:  85,294,700 
Unrestricted shares: 4,096,208
Previous closing price: $1.22
Market capitalization: $104 million


We are paid to advertise the Profiled Issuer (LQWC). is owned by 7 Stocks, LLC and has been compensated $50,000 by Antevorta Capital Partners LTD. for a period beginning on July 9, 2019 and ending July 30, 2019. We will update any changes to our compensation. We own zero shares of (LQWC)

While I don’t often discuss the fundamentals of companies that are undergoing pump and dumps because they are almost always unbelievably bad, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that LQWC reported absolutely no assets in its most recent quarterly report:

As I wrote in my post about VCEX, 7Stocks LLC is a Wyoming LLC with no information about its owners publicly available, which was registered on December 8, 2018. Just like with the promotion of VCEX the promotion was paid for by Antevorta Capital Partners Limited.

Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd’s UK company registration shows that it was incorporated on November 21, 2018. The one officer listed is Julius Charles Csurgo (Director), and his correspondence address is in Hungary: U 3/12, Pecs Bajcsy-Zsililnsky, Endre U, Hungary, 7622. Julius Csurgo’s LinkedIn profile lists him as a partner at Antevorta Capital Partners Limited from 2011 to the present. He is also listed as Managing Director of Merger Law Associates Ltd since 2005 and Director and CEO of Go Green Group Limited.

Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd. is mentioned only a handful of times in SEC filings. It is mentioned in the 5/7/2018 SEC Form 1-A of Deep Green Waste & Recycling, the 4/17/2017 10-K of Atacama Resources International, the 4/15/2015 10-K filed by Textmunication Holdings Inc, and an 8-K (4/17/2014) and an 8-K/A (12/3/2013) from Mobiagogo, Inc. Julius Csurgo is mentioned only twice in SEC filings, the 10-K filed by Cannagistics Inc. on 3/21/2019 and the 10-K/A filed 3/15/2019.

LQWC daily candlestick stock chart:

Disclaimer: I am currently short LQWC. This means that I will profit if the stock drops. I intend to hold the short for weeks if necessary. I may add to the position or cover it at any time. I have no position in any other stock mentioned. I have no relationship with any parties mentioned above except that I am a paying subscriber to OTC Market Research. This blog has a terms of use that is incorporated by reference into this post; you can find all my disclaimers and disclosures there as well.

3 thoughts on “LifeQuest World Corp (LQWC) is the newest 7Stocks stock promotion & just got ☠”

  1. Peter Kolacz is one of Julius’ promoters. Julius is a Toronto, Ontario resident and Peter Kolacz lives in Mississauga, Ontario.

  2. Peter Kolacz works with his son (also named Peter) and makes his living promoting stocks. There is not a single company that has done well after the promotion is over and shareholders are left holding shares that drop way below the promoted price. Peter lives in a big custom built house on Randor Drive in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada from money he raised from investors and from shares he had others sell into the promotions.

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